“Melanie was an absolute lifesaver for us and we cannot recommend her highly enough. During a time when we were pretty stressed out about a million different things, she came to our rescue and handled all of our injections (two different types), which was something we were not 100% comfortable doing ourselves, particularly when it came to mixing solutions, assembling the hypodermics and delivering the injections in regard to the correct technique, duration and location. Not only did Melanie or her staff make it to our place in some pretty horrible weather, she was also available the very next day after we first contacted her, and answered all of our questions about the entire fertility process and helped us tremendously to understand each step of our journey. Simply put, she brought us expertise and peace of mind and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”- clients M&K

“You are the absolute best, and I have no idea what or how I would get through all of this without you!!!”client PH

“Thank you so much for your help with this IVF cycle. Our stress level dropping by approximately one-zillion percent truly transformed the process. Who knew you could look forward to IVF injections!!” -clients SB&KC

“A note to thank you for your thoughtfulness and to let you know it actually meant the world to us. Thanks for everything you’ve done to help us get our miracle- your advice and knowledge is so appreciated!!” –JM

“Melanie, Thank you for all your support and guidance through our first IVF experience. Your calm, confident bedside manner helped us to feel confident in a really overwhelming experience! We are so excited to be at this step and thank you so much for all the excellent nursing care your provided along the way”.-client AT

“We just wanted to express our gratitude for meeting with us, the conversation was extremely helpful in alleviating our concerns with the IVF process.  We saw immediately that you will be a critical asset for us while going thru IVF. You are invaluable in terms of providing expert level professional advice and compassionate emotional support.” -clients M&LB

“Thank you so much, we already value the help you have provided and we consider you a vital resource in getting through the IVF process!” -client MB

“Thank you for everything you have done so far. You have gone above and beyond what your job requires and we all appreciate the amazing support you have given us. You are truly wonderful!” client AP

“Melanie, you have no idea what a huge role you’ve played in all of this… Thanks again for everything that you do. It’s people like you that make these miracles happen!”- client FE

“Thanks for all the special care on our baby journey.” -clients SH&RC