What are the benefits of communicating with an IVF Nurse consultant?

A:Your IVF Nurse is able to spend quality time with you to address all of your questions and concerns while instilling confidence about your next steps regarding your reproductive journey.

No question is too insignificant; as we believe that if your thinking it some else is too!

If I only require assistance with injections, can Your IVF Nurse help me?

A: Yes, Your IVF Nurse is able to assist you. We understand that “poking” yourself can be difficult to overcome.

We will require information regarding your treatment cycle prior to administering any injections.

Do you provide your services to those that are located out of the city? province? country?

A: Yes, Your IVF Nurse can consult with you via telephone or SKYPE; whichever your prefer.              Appointments can be scheduled to accommodate those not within Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Are services provided covered by OHIP or insurance?

A: Unfortunately services are not covered through OHIP, however some private employee insurance providers will cover nursing services. Please clarify the terms of your insurance policy with your provider. Receipts will be provided for insurance reimbursement or for tax purposes.

How far in advance do I need to schedule services?

A: It is recommended to contact Your IVF Nurse as soon as you decide to proceed with an IVF/ Oocyte freezing cycle as this will allow you to schedule your preferred time for injection visits and ensure the availability of a nurse to support and provide the injection(s) to you. *Last minute bookings may not be available as it is dependent on nursing availability* *Inquiries received on the weekends will be responded to on the following business day*

Do you work with clients from specific clinics?

A: We work with clients from all clinics within Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for in person visits. We offer virtual support for clients outside the Toronto and GTA area, provincially, and throughout north America