Are you feeling: Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Loss of control? Stressed?

Having thoughts of: Why me/us? Feeling “trapped” & unable to enjoy life?

Are you wanting to have a better understanding of what is happening? Regain some control? Feel supported?

Then fertility coaching may be exactly what you need. You may just need someone to check-in with to help you review results of your cycle monitoring visit(s) or prep for your follow up appointment.

Having an experienced IVF/Fertility Nurse in your corner can help you overcome those thoughts & feelings and have you feeling confident for those appointments with your healthcare provider(s).

Coaching services are available on an as needed basis and can range from check-in calls and email access to in person sessions.

Fertility coaching fees are separate from Services listed on the website

Sessions are available in person, or via SKYPE or telephone; evening and weekend sessions are available.

Fees for coaching via telephone or SKYPE: $35.00/15 minute increment + HST

Fees for coaching in person: $35.00/15 minute increment +travel + HST

For more information or to schedule a coaching session please contact me at